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Making combinations of: Offer + Awareness + Unboxing in Digital Marketing

Unboxing works on the premise of brands wanting to start on the right foot.

Make a great first impression.

Because marketers know that first impressions and authentic experiences matter a lot.

So much so that, it makes or breaks customer decisions in the space of a few seconds.


And in this context, unboxing becomes a vital opportunity for brand storytelling.


In the moment of unboxing, customers are reeling with the anticipation to find out what’s in store for them while they are hunting the internet for information on a product resting in their cart, waiting to be bought but only waiting for the final stamp of confirmation.


Unboxing is a category of YouTube videos where users actually open products to get a feel of them.

It is akin to a child standing in a candy store, watching the baker fiddling with the sweets and imagining what it would be like have his hands on them.

Unboxing also plays on the same psychology. It parades the goods under the nose of the customer, tempting them with a preview of what they can enjoy should they buy the product.


Although many unboxing videos are created by users, seeing the hike in its popularity, companies and brands are also getting on the bandwagon.

These videos not only document the experience of opening a product, but they often dramatize it and, in turn, take on a quirky, playful spirit, showcasing products in all of their freshly unopened glory.


No wonder, as per the analytics, there are over 20 million YouTube results for “unboxing.”

Plus, according to Google Consumer Surveys, one in five consumers say they have actually seen an unboxing video.


In this vein, research on online behaviour concludes that if a brand provides customers with an exciting packaging experience, they are more likely to share it and eventually even buy it.


This user-generated content can maximize brand awareness and help marketers scoop out a major chunk of the visiting traffic for themselves.

Because customers today actively seek out videos on unboxing.


In fact, 55% of people use videos to help make purchasing decisions (Source: Google)


So below are 5 ways brands can weave a memorable unboxing experience for customers:


1.    Use Branded Packaging for Exclusive Brand Recall.


Your packaging is the first thing a customer sees when their delivery arrives so the unboxing experience begins before they even open it. They’ve ordered your product and have been waiting for its arrival so the anticipation is already there.

So you need to make it clear who this package is from by ensuring your logo or company name is visible and popping out for good.

Adding an eye-catching design to your packaging will help to make your brand instantly recognizable.

Providing the case in point, Tiffany & Co. has designed one of the most successful unboxing experiences.

Their Tiffany blue jewelry boxes are just as iconic as their engagement rings, with the colour itself being trademarked. The box alone has become a representation of luxury and exclusivity worldwide. And today it has its own product page and can even be bought as a sterling silver charm.

Simply put, unboxing videos uptick the branding quotient exponentially. This is the power of unboxing, when the experience becomes just as valuable as the product itself. 


2. Leverage the utility factor:


Unboxing videos have a practical component in addition to the emotional reaction they provoke.

In a study Google conducted with TNS and Ogilvy, the former discovered that 66% of beauty product buyers stated YouTube helped them picture the item they were going to buy.

This is particularly true for brands like Maybelline, Sugar Cosmetics, Plum, Faces Canada that roll out unboxing videos for their lipstick collections so that the female demographic can get a better view of the shades and act on their choices better after watching the “lipstick swatches.”


It therefore comes as no surprise that 62% of those who watch unboxing videos do so in order to investigate a particular product, as per the most current Google Consumer Surveys.


By providing customers with the best unboxing experience before they can see or physically touch your product, brands also validate their product’s worth.


And in this way, unboxing videos can significantly assist people in their buying decisions while disseminating helpful product information.

3.    Make it sustainable:


Your packaging is a reflection of your brand values.

So if you’re a sustainable business, sell sustainable products, or are simply looking to be more sustainable, this should be reflected in the packaging you create.

This gives out the message that you are not just talking your talk but also walking it, building authenticity and trust among your target audience.

Make an effort to be as environmentally responsible as you can during the unboxing experience. Inform your clients about the ecological packaging you are using. Inform them of the reasons for your packaging selection and the best ways to get rid of it without harming the environment.


For example, the upbeat shampoo brand, “Love Beauty and Planet” makes its vibrant bottles from Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) material. 

The bottles are made from recycled material and the packaging testifies to that. Their transparent bottles are not 100% see-through and boasts of using sustainable, conscious methods that are both eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable.


Not only this, Love Beauty and Planet has teamed up with recycling innovators TerraCycle. The brand is rethinking packaging to help solve the problem of disposability with the goal of eliminating waste from their product lifecycle.

For this reason, Love Beauty and Planet has repackaged their products in durable and recyclable bottles with zero-waste labels.

This fresh new approach to packaging design is all part of their commitment to do #smallactsoflove for a more beautiful planet.

The company has committed that by 2030, 100% of its product and packaging portfolio will allow for people-and-planet friendly disposal and this is something that is strongly being espoused in their packaging.

No wonder, the Unilever product is doing so well what with its packaging making a strong case for itself and garnering immense support and positive response from the market audience.

4.   Add a personal touch:

Making your packaging look tailor-made and singularly crafted helps make the consumer feel appreciated.

A handwritten thank you note, for instance, may strengthen the human connection people have with your company.

Your consumer now knows that their order was assembled individually before being packaged and sent.

However, a handwritten message isn’t always scalable. Therefore, printing bespoke notes may be a more practical choice for your company.

To add a sense of luxury, you may instead decide to exclusively include handwritten notes with expensive or limited-edition goods.

Including a complimentary gift, sample, or discount voucher for further items is another method to customize the package.

The cardinal rule in this situation is that it must go with the item that your consumer has ordered.

For instance, if you own a skincare company and a customer wants grapefruit body soap, send them a sample of the corresponding body lotion as well.

This shows your customer you’ve paid attention to their preferences and might lead them to purchase the regular version in their next order.

5.   Keep the customer in mind:

Picture your customer as you put together their unboxing experience.

Basically, jump into their shoes and walk around in it while you are curating the parcel to be unboxed.

Then see if the following questions check the boxes:

Is your packaging easy to open?

Will the contents of your packaging remain intact during delivery?

Is the unboxing experience you’ve created easy to follow?


Think about what would help the customer get the most out of their interaction with your brand and feel truly satisfied.

The packaging should be user-friendly. Make sure the customer is able to open their parcel without destroying it, or your product, in the process.

And if you’re shipping a product that has multiple parts, consider the best way to present these.

When items aren’t packaged securely, they can fall apart or look untidy to the customer on arrival.

Which leads to a messy unboxing and a disjointed narrative of your brand.


Unboxing is one of the few moments when you have the customers’ undivided attention.

And in digital marketing, this opens portals of opportunities for product advancement.


The unboxing experience says a lot about your brand. It’s an opportunity to build a connection with your customer and to add more value to their experience than anticipated.

So for this reason, it is absolutely imperative to get it right because every brand is only given one chance. So make sure you make the most out of it!